Barbara Bona

Barbara Bona was born in Mexico in 1983 to an Italian mother and a Swiss-Argentinean father. In 1988 she moved to Switzerland.


In 2003 she was accepted at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne), where she discovered her passion for industrial and product design. During her training she participated in exhibitions such as:“Souvenirs of America”(Lausanne,New-York), “ECAL Architectures”(Lausanne), and “Silver Spirit”(Milan).


After her graduation as a Product and Industrial Designer, she moved to Milan to develop her skills. She worked with Marc Sadler, Luca Trazzi and Untitled(FAB). She collaborated as an art director in the exhibition “E2bP” curated by Fabiana Vidal.


Her inspiration as a professional designer comes from her many international trips that opened her eyes to other cultures, where objects have different meanings and utilities.


In april 2009, she exhibited her project "Waterfall" at the Salone Satellite in Milan. Now she is back in Switzerland where she is working as an interior architect for RaboudGroup.

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